The magic of seal watching

We are enjoying the most wonderful autumn in Pembrokeshire this year. Glorious calm sunny days, evenings with beautiful sunsets and cooler nights for our guests to enjoy the cosy comforts of their cottages.

Every year we look forward to our own special ‘autumnwatch’ and today we took one of our favourite walks around the Marloes Peninsula to do a spot of seal watching. The Pembrokeshire coast is home to hundreds of Atlantic grey seals and the females give birth to their single pups in caves and on quiet beaches, from August to December. To see them is a magical experience! With the fine autumn weather this year almost 80 new pups have been counted so far on the Skomer Marine Nature Reserve and today we saw very new yellow/white pups just one or two days old, as well as those more mature (21 days plus). An extra treat was to see the beautiful mum pictured here and also a large male who was hanging around waiting to mate with the female.

They are such magnificent healthy looking creatures and we always encourage our autumn guests to take advantage of seeing this special treat. A fabulous memory of a visit to Pembrokeshire.


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