What a smart gentleman!

This handsome fellow was spotted preening himself on our garden fence this morning and what a glorious sight he was. His four mistresses were foraging in the paddock behind him whilst he sat surveying his harem – a sure sign that spring is on its way!


Weekend of 27 February

To celebrate St David’s Day on 1st March we are offering a complimentary ‘Flavour of Wales’ supper ready in your cottage on arrival. Warming, delicious and well worth stealing yourselves away to our cosy cottages for a taste of Welsh fare!


Beat the winter blues

An interesting magazine article recently explained why we feel so good after a walk by the sea.

We all know the benefits of the space and freedom, the exercise is good too and at this gloomy time of year we need as much daylight as we can to boost our vitamin D and serotonin levels.

But I also learned that the air by the seashore (mountains and waterfalls too) is rich in ‘negative ions’ which can help us feel relaxed and refreshed. Industrial pollution found in cities and offices emits positive ions making the air oppressive and uncomfortable.

What a great reason to get away for the weekend! For available dates in February and March we are offering 2 night breaks at Ty Twt (£185.00) or Beili (£255.00) – the perfect antidote for the winter blues.


Sooo busy!!

This was the scene on 1st Feb at Whitesands Bay, before the UK received a ‘dollop’ of snow this week. Phil and I enjoyed a fabulous bracing winter walk which brought a bright rosy glow to the cheeks. A quick sandwich lunch and hot chocolate at the beautiful Refectory in the cathedral at St Davids, then wrapped up warmly in our ‘duvet’ jackets, warm headgear and gloves, we headed out along the coastal path to St Davids Head.

This bleak peninsula is steeped in history with the Neolithic burial chamber (cromlech) – Coetan Arthur dating back to about 3,500 BC. The landscape around is littered with boulders from the Ice Age melt and there is also clear evidence of prehistoric man as he defended his Iron Age huts with ramparts of dry stone walls and ditches.

It is a magnificent, unspoiled place with a deep spiritual feeling. To enjoy it at this time of year, the scenery shared with only a few hardy walkers and the roaming ponies in their winter coats, is pure joy and makes us realise how wonderful it is to live in Pembrokeshire!


Your photos

We’ve just set up a group on Flickr which we would love you to contribute to. The aim is to collect a nice selection of photos together in one place for all to see. If we get some good submissions we may even select a few photos from the collection to use on our website :)

Click here to visit the Flickr group and start submitting!