Welsh Rarebits – The Rare Hideaways Guide

Welsh Rarebits - Rare HideawaysWelsh Rarebits – The Rare Hideaways Guide.

We are delighted to announce that East Jordeston Cottages has been invited to be included in the brand new ‘Rare Hideaways Guide’.  This is the latest venture from the stable of WelshRarebits, founded over 27 years ago to highlight quality, hospitality, personality and value for money in the Welsh hotel scene.  After the success of WelshRarebits, a collection of smaller hotels, inns and guest houses, aptly named ‘Great Little Places’ soon followed and the latest offering, ‘Rare Hideaways’ is an invitation only membership of up market self catering properties focusing on the Rarebits concept and essential virtues – quality, comfort, style, character, welcome and value.

We are proud to be included in this small handpicked selection of 32 members from all over Wales and look forward to a long and successful relationship.


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