Tipi hospital!

Our small flock of Jacob ewes have produced 4 healthy ram lambs and 5 ewe lambs this year and they are literally ‘mushrooming’ every day.  I can hardly believe they  are only 10 weeks old.

So…it was a surprise for us on Friday last week when one of the ram lambs suddenly collapsed looking very poorly indeed.  There seemed no reason for it – we couldn’t even blame the glorious weather for his sudden ill health.  He was unable to move with the flock as they grazed  and searching for a cool comfortable place for him to ‘pass away’ we put him into our garage overnight.  The next morning we were surprised to see that he seemed brighter but was unable to lift himself up onto his front feet so we had to think of another plan to give him some food.  Why don’t we use our tipi as a hospital?  Fortunately the tipi has been erected but has not been ‘furnished’ with matting and seating as yet this year so it makes a wonderful airy, sheltered, shady place for our ram lamb to graze and recuperate. Three days on he’s still with us hobbling around on his knees occasionally coming outside to graze our lawn.   The vet came to see him today and gave him some shots of vitamins to try to boost his energy – I don’t think he’s visited a tipi before when he’s been asked to treat poorly animals!


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