Springtime approaches

Pembrokeshire is beginning to awaken from its winter hibernation with birds pairing up for nest building and our mild climate encouraging the shrubs to start budding. Here at East Jordeston we have our blaze of spring yellow provided by our much loved national flower emblem – the lovely daffodil and whilst some varieties of the daffodil were in bloom in this area even before Christmas, we are always happy to have our ‘show’ for 1st March – St David’s Day.

Traditional fare like bowls of warming cawl, local bread and cheeses is on offer for the visitor at this time followed by the ever popular Welsh cakes or a slice of barabrith. So passionate are we, the Welsh to celebrate St David’s Day that Tom (our son) who lives in Helsinki will be meeting up with fellow ex-pats at the Finnish-Welsh Society gathering on Saturday and will be tucking into a feast of Welsh goodies. There is at this moment, a batch of Welsh cakes (for Tom’s graphic design office!) and one of Sandra’s very popular barabriths winging it’s way to Finland for the ‘best barabrith 2008 tasting’! It always seems to go down well with our guests here so we’ll let you know how it matches up in a ‘serious’ competition. Wish us luck!


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