Special guests

As the UK celebrates the release of ‘My Generation’ by The Zimmers it is worth mentioning our ‘oldest’ guests to East Jordeston. In her 91st year, Evelyn (far left), Joan (her sister) and friends (husband and wife) George and Rene spend two weeks with us every year and arrive laden with home grown vegetables from their garden. They are an inspirational group, always helping others in their village and regularly raising money for local services by knitting and selling soft toys. This year I learned that Evelyn and Joan at one time almost bought an island to live on ‘many years ago’ and it’s only in the last two years that have they given up their camper van!

Just like ‘The Zimmers’ the zest for life positively radiates from some of our ‘golden oldies’ – their energy and fun inspires and we wish them many more years of good health and happy holidays.


+44 1834 871627