Sad day

It’s not often that we like to post sad news but our friendly cat, Jinx had to be put to sleep yesterday after 14 wonderful years of ‘lording the manor’ at East Jordeston.  I know that many of our regular guests will miss his welcome when they arrive at their cottages.  They’ll miss him popping up on their window cills to say good morning and fussing around in his friendly manner.

We have always said that he had the most magical life at East Jordeston and was lucky to be ‘rescued from the rescue’ from where we brought both Jinx and his much weaker sister to live with us.  He’s seen many changes at East Jordeston over the years, has seen lots of guests come and go and almost always got glowing comments in the guest books!  What am I going to say to ‘new’ guests who ask ‘Where’s this Jinx everyone writes about?’  Ah well… c’est la vie.   Lots of happy memories.


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