Naughty sheep!

After years of being a scruffy old farmyard, our gardens at East Jordeston are developing into wonderful landscaped areas around our cottages and it’s such a treat to receive compliments from our visiting guests.  We also have lots more bees, butterflies and birds visiting which is great for the biodiversity and improves our environment for our visitors.

However, we also have areas of pasture around the perimeter of our farmstead which are grazed by our small flock of Jacob sheep.  Although the sheep and lambs are usually contained in the paddocks away from the cottage terraces and shrub borders, a few weeks ago while we were out for the day one of our guests caught the flock ‘redhanded’ while they munched their way through the fresh spring shoots on our plants!  They had leaned against a gate from their field which had opened and allowed them free access to the cottage terraces where they ‘pruned’ away to their hearts content!  Of course it wasn’t in Andrea’s remit to act as ‘shepherdess’ while we were not around – she simply found it a cute picture.   Thanks Andrea for sending me the images and yes Bronwen, looking at the camera – you know you’re being naughty!


Time for a haircut!

Our small flock of Jacob sheep have just had their annual haircut! Lucky them as this weekend summer seems to have arrived from no-where!  Over the winter they grow a long thick woolly coat which is removed by David of the aptly named ‘Caring Shearing’ and after the event they look more like goats than sheep!  We now have enough wool collected over a few years to have woven into luxurious blankets and throws for use in our cottages and also for guests who wish take back as a cuddly memory of their stay with us in Pembrokeshire.



Guests seek out our cottages for more reasons than a holiday  getaway.  Recently we’ve had honeymooners, special milestone get togethers like 40th, 50th and 6oth birthdays (where did all those years go!), pre-wedding get aways and even a group who met at anti-natal class 21 years ago.  What a double celebration this year will be for those ladies who all have offspring turning 21!

I couldn’t miss the opportunity of posting a picture of our cottage, Crofty, decorated up for a recent 40th wedding anniversary – how fortunate that it already has a luscious red theme!  Mr & Mrs Hefin Jones were ‘over the moon’ about their short break just before Easter with their family – they even floated a heart shaped lantern up into the starry night sky.  Ah…. how romantic and one for the memory bank!   Thanks for the photo Angie – it was great to have you with us!


13 Blue Flag beaches for Pembrokeshire

Those of us who work in tourism in Pembrokeshire are delighted to hear that out of 45 Blue Flag awards given to beaches in the whole of Wales, the highest number, 13,  have been awarded to beaches in our beautiful county of Pembrokeshire!
We are very proud that our county usually tops this Welsh league and it proves that if part of a reason to visit Wales is for our wonderful coastline then guests can do no better than choose Pembrokeshire for it’s clean, safe beaches.

The three glorious sandy beaches of Tenby (4 miles away from our cottages) have all been awarded blue flags so East Jordeston is in a good position to boast a favourable location for a holiday in Pembrokeshire at any time of year.  This image shows the 1.5 miles of Tenby south sands leading to Castle beach.  Click the image to get a better view.


Sad day

It’s not often that we like to post sad news but our friendly cat, Jinx had to be put to sleep yesterday after 14 wonderful years of ‘lording the manor’ at East Jordeston.  I know that many of our regular guests will miss his welcome when they arrive at their cottages.  They’ll miss him popping up on their window cills to say good morning and fussing around in his friendly manner.

We have always said that he had the most magical life at East Jordeston and was lucky to be ‘rescued from the rescue’ from where we brought both Jinx and his much weaker sister to live with us.  He’s seen many changes at East Jordeston over the years, has seen lots of guests come and go and almost always got glowing comments in the guest books!  What am I going to say to ‘new’ guests who ask ‘Where’s this Jinx everyone writes about?’  Ah well… c’est la vie.   Lots of happy memories.