Hannah, Jamie, Sandra & Philip

Celebrations at East Jordeston Cottages!

We’ve a double celebration here at EJ Cottages!

We’re very excited to launch our ‘new look’ website just in time for the first day of the ‘month of love’ (it’s a leap year too girls so if you’re planning to propose…!).  Huge thanks must go to our son Tom for his design (and patience in handling a ‘detail obsessed’ architect for a dad!) in the website development.

We’re also sharing the news of our recent happy family event – the wedding of our daughter, Hannah and her lovely husband, Jamie.  Close family and friends shared the wonderful day with us in the sunny Algarve and we enjoyed the bonus of a two week holiday at the end of our busy summer season!  Bliss!

Jamie and Hannah plan to become more involved with our family business here at East Jordeston and bring some fresh, exciting ideas to the kitchen table (boardroom!) meetings.   Their enthusiasm is infectious and we’re delighted to have them on board.

We’ll post the latest happenings here so we hope you’ll check back sometimes to keep an eye on what we’re up to.

Pembrokeshire Coast Path Steps

Sunday Times award for Pembrokeshire.

Hooray!  Pembrokeshire has been voted runner-up in the  UK Rural Break category by the readers of the Sunday Times magazine.  Pembrokeshire scored highly because ‘it’s often quieter than the UK’s other honeypots’ and ‘it has some of the best walking in the UK’.  This is fantastic news for those of us who welcome visitors back year on year to enjoy the beauty, peacefulness and unbeatable walking opportunities of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail – one of the most popular attractions in the county.

Equally appealing for both a family stroll or a serious hike, walking the Coast Path comes out on top as the main activity of visitors to Pembrokeshire and a large percentage of visitors questioned said that their overall experience of visiting Pembrokeshire was better than other UK destinations.  Accolades such as this are a wonderful advert for our beautiful county and we love to welcome ‘new’ guests on their exciting journey of discovery.  A greater achievement, however, is the return visit, then again and again……  That is when we know that Pembrokeshire has worked it’s magic!

Mr Fox at East Jordeston Cottages

Secret shoe fancier?

This surprise visitor casually sauntered around our garden right outside our kitchen window today… at lunchtime!  What a fabulous healthy looking creature he/she was and it got me thinking.

During the summer some of our guests who had left trainers, sandals and flip flops outside their cottages overnight found them scattered over the lawns or hidden in the shrub borders in the morning.  This happened over a number of weeks and my guess is that this fox was having fun and games during the night while our guests were sleeping!  It would be great fun to have a night vision camera to catch all the antics of the nocturnal visitors.


Starry, starry nights

The last day of January has already arrived and what a month of seasonal weather we have enjoyed.  Calm, clear, sunny days have followed beautiful early morning hoar-frosts with our garden shrubs sparkling in their sprinkled coats of diamond dust.  Views of the rolling pastureland surrounding our cottages have changed by the minute as the morning  frosts melt away when warmed by the weak rays of winter sunshine.

Clear skies have continued for much of the month, both day and night, providing a fabulous opportunity for stargazing.   With long nights upon us, this is the best time of year for viewing the starry skies.   Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn are all closer than usual and the Quadrantid meteor shower is providing a show of ‘shooting stars’.  With zero light pollution at East Jordeston and silence broken only by the hooting of owls or movements of other wildlife, it’s a magical place to get away to experience the awesome, huge night sky.  Little wonder then that Mark got so excited while staying with us over the weekend (check over to our facebook page to see his comment).   Armed with mugs of steaming hot chocolate and puffy down jackets we’re going to take part in ‘Star count week’, a National survey running from today until 6 February (BBC website).  We need to count as many stars as we can see within the Orion constellation – Hmmm….. could take us a while!


Extreme tides

Today’s weather has been perfect for us to get out and enjoy the memorable experience of very high and low ‘spring tides’ (although it’s autumn!).  Because of the alignment of the moon with the earth, today’s tides are the most extreme they will be this year.  Thankfully it was a calm day!

This exciting phenomenon means that on this rare occasion, we can begin on the south beach of Tenby and walk at low tide all around the peninsula of  Castle Hill, underneath our new lifeboat station (pictured), along Tenby’s North Beach and all the way across the sands, passing the bays of Waterwynch, Monkstone, Saundersfoot, Wisemans Bridge and finishing at Amroth.  It’s a walk that needs to be done at a brisk pace, occasionally clambering over mussel clad rocks and finding the spongy stumps of Amroth’s ‘sunken forest’ which are rarely exposed,  but it’s satisfying to walk on virgin sand and ‘beat the tide’ before the rocks and forest are once again submerged.  There is always the treat of a well earned ice cream and after a bus ride back to Tenby, a steaming coffee at Cafe Vista, watching the incoming tide.

Six hours later at the other end of the scale rises the highest tide of the year and our  favourite place to enjoy this is not on the coast but on the upper reaches of the Cleddau Estuary at Cresswell Quay, a small tranquil settlement snuggled around a bend in the river.  Prime position on the quayside is held by the Cresselly Arms, a very popular ‘watering hole’ for many local folk and visitors.  On a ‘spring tide’ the river fills and swells as the tide surges upstream and gently creeps its way  over the quayside car park, flooding the road,  and rising almost up to the front door step of the pub.  As you can see it doesn’t dampen the spirits of the patrons who flock to enjoy the occasion – wellies in hand (or rather foot!) or simply bare footed!  In past days our children have paddled their Canadian canoes over the flooded road – a very strange but memorable moment!