Little orphan Annie

Our recent blog entries have been about the ‘oldest’ and this time we have some sad news about our oldest ewe, Angharad, who suddenly passed away on Thursday 7th June 2007. She was a lovely, gentle tempered sheep and excellent mum over the 13 years she has been with us and we will all miss her, especially her ‘best friend’ John, our gardener. Sadder still is that Angharad was the last of our ewes to give birth this year and she leaves us with a three week old lamb, Annie, to bring up without a mum. Annie is a reluctant lamb to take to the bottle but after four days of perseverance she readily sucked her way through a good breakfast of lamb milk formula this morning. She seems to have put her loss behind her and is beginning to accept Phil and I as new parents! I’m sure that she will have lots of admirers over the summer school holiday and no doubt many offers to feed her breakfast, lunch and supper! Ahhhh….


25 years

We have today waved off our ‘longest visiting party’! 25 years ago we welcomed a group of families from the Midlands who had organised a cricket team and came on a regular ‘Whitsun week tour’ to play friendly matches against local cricket clubs in Pembrokeshire. The ‘Poole family’ very kindly based themselves at East Jordeston arriving with three generations in tow. Some members of the ‘clan’ have visited annually (or more often) every year since. They have watched our two children grow from babies through to ‘flying the nest’ and now firm friends, we have encouraged each other through the happy and the sad times.
During all of these years, they have seen the evolution of East Jordeston from the working farm it was to what we are proud to offer today and it is guests like this who make our business so rewarding and enjoyable. A very big thank you to June, family and friends and long may the visits continue!


Special guests

As the UK celebrates the release of ‘My Generation’ by The Zimmers it is worth mentioning our ‘oldest’ guests to East Jordeston. In her 91st year, Evelyn (far left), Joan (her sister) and friends (husband and wife) George and Rene spend two weeks with us every year and arrive laden with home grown vegetables from their garden. They are an inspirational group, always helping others in their village and regularly raising money for local services by knitting and selling soft toys. This year I learned that Evelyn and Joan at one time almost bought an island to live on ‘many years ago’ and it’s only in the last two years that have they given up their camper van!

Just like ‘The Zimmers’ the zest for life positively radiates from some of our ‘golden oldies’ – their energy and fun inspires and we wish them many more years of good health and happy holidays.


New arrivals

After our visit from ‘Danny Boy’ (the ram) over the winter months we are delighted to announce the arrival of our first twin lambs this year. Bronwen gave birth in the early hours of 5 May – mother, son and daughter are doing brilliantly and have bonded well. All six of our Jacob ewes should hopefully produce healthy offspring within the next two weeks and we could end up with a frolicking flock of 12 new bleating babes very soon.

Guests who are with us this week are sharing this joyful moment and the next few weeks will see our lambs grow and develop into beautiful fun-loving characters! It’s an extra special time to visit us here at East Jordeston.


First day of Spring

After a short snap of wintery windy weather our present guests are enjoying a welcome sunny, calm first day of spring. Fresh air and plenty of walks on our wonderfully clean beaches are the perfect awakening from a winter spent wrapped up inside with the central heating. Thoughts are now turning to the first main holiday of the year over Easter and we look forward to welcoming guests both old and new to East Jordeson during that special time of year for family gatherings.