Haven't I grown!

Only 11 weeks since a similar photograph was posted here on June 13 and just look at the difference! Annie is really thriving and is continuing to enjoy her daily bottle of milk. Now that most of our visiting ‘shepherds’ will be heading back to school, we should be weaning her off the lamb formula (sob, sob). To all of her new friends who helped at feeding time (all 2 minutes of it!), a big thank you and we hope you enjoyed the moment. In a couple of years Annie may have her own little lambs to look after and if she turns out to be a good mother like her own mum, Angharad, all will be fine.


East Jordeston Cottages on Facebook

We’re pleased to announce that we now have a presence on one of the worlds most popular social networking sites – facebook! We’ve created a page for East Jordeston Cottages which we hope will allow past and future guests to interact with each other and to share their experiences. Please become a fan and feel free to post photos and videos of your holiday with us, take part in discussions, review us or just read what others are saying. We hope to see you there very soon :)

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Summer at last!

The end of a busy day on the Pembrokeshire beaches! At last, summer seems to have appeared to the surprise of us all, including our guests who arrived this week almost resigned for early autumn weather. Just in time for the main school holiday weeks the sun shows its face and everyone can enjoy the glorious beaches, castles and many attractions of this beautiful area. East Jordeston is buzzing with happy guests enjoying peaceful breakfasts on their sunny terraces and mellow evenings by the barbecue watching the sun go down. Perfect!


Helpful shepherds

Orphan Annie is now almost 11 weeks old and is growing as rapidly as her other lamb friends in our small flock of Jacob sheep. As I guessed she has had many willing ‘shepherds’ to feed her milk morning and night – this lovely recent pair of little helpers even sporting a fairy outfit early one beautiful sunny morning – Ahhhh…. I really ought to be thinking of weaning her but she adores her bottle and the children adore the whole experience so I think we’ll continue for a few more weeks.


Annie's progress

Our lovely orphan Annie has settled down well after losing her mum a week ago and is now running towards us when we go with her bottle at mealtimes. We no longer need to catch her to feed her breakfast and supper and she will enjoy taking her milk from whoever holds the bottle so we will be looking for some new young shepherds – I wonder if she’s likely to meet some new friends thoughout the next few months. I think so!