Naughty sheep!

After years of being a scruffy old farmyard, our gardens at East Jordeston are developing into wonderful landscaped areas around our cottages and it’s such a treat to receive compliments from our visiting guests.  We also have lots more bees, butterflies and birds visiting which is great for the biodiversity and improves our environment for our visitors.

However, we also have areas of pasture around the perimeter of our farmstead which are grazed by our small flock of Jacob sheep.  Although the sheep and lambs are usually contained in the paddocks away from the cottage terraces and shrub borders, a few weeks ago while we were out for the day one of our guests caught the flock ‘redhanded’ while they munched their way through the fresh spring shoots on our plants!  They had leaned against a gate from their field which had opened and allowed them free access to the cottage terraces where they ‘pruned’ away to their hearts content!  Of course it wasn’t in Andrea’s remit to act as ‘shepherdess’ while we were not around – she simply found it a cute picture.   Thanks Andrea for sending me the images and yes Bronwen, looking at the camera – you know you’re being naughty!


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