Music in the family

Tom MorganRecent visitors to our blog may have read that our graphic designer son, Tom, is the brainchild of our award-winning website. But the creative so-and-so is also an avid musician and where he lives in Helsinki, he’s put together a fantastic band which has just released its debut album.

Whilst glowing with pride at his achievement, this is quite surprising to us as Tom never really had a musical upbringing, although there have been good Welsh singers in the family history.  He did used to sing himself to sleep when he was a baby, which we thought quite sweet at the time but it’s clear now that this was the start of his musical journey!  A clutch of guitars and a few years later, his creative musical interest continues to grow and develop.

The current band is called ‘Caroline Street’ and we were really lucky to catch them playing their album release party at the Moon Club in Cardiff just a few weeks ago. The album is titled ‘Salt & Vinegar’ and we think it’s great and really worth a listen!   Tom left a few copies of the ‘Deluxe Edition’ CD with us and we’ve been given permission to sell them to our guests for £10 each!  If you’re visiting us this year and you’d like to hear it, do ask.

If you’d like to order the CD directly from the band, you can get it here. If you’d prefer to pick up the ‘Standard Edition’ digital album, you can get it from iTunes, Amazon MP3 & Google Play.


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