Little orphan Annie

Our recent blog entries have been about the ‘oldest’ and this time we have some sad news about our oldest ewe, Angharad, who suddenly passed away on Thursday 7th June 2007. She was a lovely, gentle tempered sheep and excellent mum over the 13 years she has been with us and we will all miss her, especially her ‘best friend’ John, our gardener. Sadder still is that Angharad was the last of our ewes to give birth this year and she leaves us with a three week old lamb, Annie, to bring up without a mum. Annie is a reluctant lamb to take to the bottle but after four days of perseverance she readily sucked her way through a good breakfast of lamb milk formula this morning. She seems to have put her loss behind her and is beginning to accept Phil and I as new parents! I’m sure that she will have lots of admirers over the summer school holiday and no doubt many offers to feed her breakfast, lunch and supper! Ahhhh….


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