Happy St David’s Day!

It’s been a glorious day of  spring sunshine to welcome in the month of March which always begins with the celebration of St David’s Day in all parts of Wales.  The young children eagerly go to school dressed up in all their traditional finery with girls looking pretty in lace edged black bonnets, fringed paisley shawls and flannel skirts with plaid aprons – the boys often kitted out in patriotic support of the country’s rugby team or with caps and waistcoats on a Victorian theme.  Daffodils and leeks are proudly worn and traditional foods such as Welsh cawl, barabrith and Welsh cakes are eaten at celebratory events held everywhere. It’s a day we all enjoy.

Of course singing is high on the list of any celebration here in Wales and if you’ve every wondered what those strange words mean when our lungs blast out our National Anthem,  just click on the image of this plaque to enlarge!


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