Happy Easter!

We’d like to wish all of our guests (past, present and future) a very happy Easter and thank you for your visits to East Jordeston – we really enjoy having you with us!

It’s a lovely Easter sunday in Pembrokeshire – sunny, with a slight chilly breeze but spring is now well on it’s way after the colder than usual winter we’ve endured this year.  Great weather for blowing away the cobwebs and bringing some rosiness to the cheeks.

As our two ‘children’ have flown the nest, Phil and I have decided to encourage more feathered friends into our garden this year.  We chose a good harsh winter to start this project and after investing in the feeders, food and then the guardians to protect the feeders from squirrels and  larger birds (quite an expensive undertaking!) we immediately started to reap the rewards with a garden full of beautiful birds.  I wonder where they used to eat before!  They seem to be with us constantly and the pleasure we get from watching them close up makes the continuous spend on seeds so worthwhile. I guess we are now ‘hooked’ and developing into a pair of ‘twitchers’!


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