A home for centuries

Although we have recently completed a major refurbishment of our cottages at East Jordeston bringing them right up to date with a chic, contemporary style we are often reminded of the history attached to our home.

Reference has been made to a dwelling on our site in 1331 and our present farmhouse dates back to the mid 1500’s – quite old!

Last week I had a call from a lady, visiting from Australia, who wanted to look up her ancestral home. Jan Ellery was a descendant of the wealthy Lock family who occupied the farm from the early 1700’s until the late 1800’s and her great grandfather George Lock and his wife sailed out of Southampton for the three month journey which took them to Port Adelaide in 1853. George left Wales as a ‘gentleman’ and began a new life as a labourer – what a shock to the system! It was wonderful to show Jan around our home and also St Florence to see the family graves and memorial plaques inside the church, proving that East Jordeston was once a thriving manor farm. If only walls could talk what stories could be told of the large family gatherings with sometimes 11 children. In our short 3 hours together Jan and I struck up a lovely friendship and the time passed all too quickly but I think she realised that East Jordeston is still in very loving hands!

Another reminder to us that we share our home with inhabitants who have been here much longer than ourselves is our resident colony of bats. Mostly pipistrelles with the occasional sightings of a long eared variety, they occupy our roofspace for their maternity roost during the summer and our regular guests have been fascinated watching them fly out at dusk. We have been known to count 110 out of one roost and they must feel ‘at home’ even after our cottage renovations as we recently counted 65 out of the fascia board of Crofty. We have a few stories to tell about the bats so if you’re visiting us make sure you ask about them.


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