25 years

We have today waved off our ‘longest visiting party’! 25 years ago we welcomed a group of families from the Midlands who had organised a cricket team and came on a regular ‘Whitsun week tour’ to play friendly matches against local cricket clubs in Pembrokeshire. The ‘Poole family’ very kindly based themselves at East Jordeston arriving with three generations in tow. Some members of the ‘clan’ have visited annually (or more often) every year since. They have watched our two children grow from babies through to ‘flying the nest’ and now firm friends, we have encouraged each other through the happy and the sad times.
During all of these years, they have seen the evolution of East Jordeston from the working farm it was to what we are proud to offer today and it is guests like this who make our business so rewarding and enjoyable. A very big thank you to June, family and friends and long may the visits continue!


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